Careers Advice and Guidance

The LOGIK Centre offers information and guidance appointments, open to all staff at the University, to support staff planning their career development and their aspirations based on their individual needs. We support staff to develop skills to help create successful CVs and job applications.  All one to one sessions with our qualified IAG advisor are confidential, however we do not offer advice via email.  The sessions involve the advisor actively listening, exploring opportunities and providing impartial advice as it is all about the enquirer, not the advisor.  The enquirer is encouraged to assess appropriate options that are in their interests, whilst not creating unrealistic expectations.

The enquirer may already have planned their career path and just want someone to listen and offer impartial advice, and we are available to look over your development plans.

If requested the LOGIK Centre undertakes mock interviews. Our advisor uses their knowledge and expertise to ask questions based on the interview role to help prepare the enquirer for their interview.  The focus is on helping the enquirer answer the questions fully, demonstrating their skills and knowledge, but not on revising set answers.  Immediately after the mock interview, feedback is given orally and time is available to discuss any areas for improvement.

If required we can also listen to your interview presentation and again discuss any areas for improvement.

Our advisor is Carole Craven, Ext 37786, email Carole  or you can contact her via LOGIK Centre

Carole works Tuesday and Wednesday 08:00 – 16:00 and Thursday 08:00 – 11:30.