Learning for Life

Access funding for non-work related learning!

Learning for Life – New Location
In October the ‘Learning for Life’ scheme will be moving from the LOGIK Centre Satellite in EC Stoner to 5-7 Lifton Place. The newsletter that usually goes out in August will now go out in October so that it can include further details about the new location.

To all members of Staff who are on grades 2-4,

Would you like the opportunity to learn something new? You could develop hidden talents, gain new interests and skills and meet new people! The ‘Learning for Life’ scheme allows you to access up to £135 each year, subject to availability, for course fees. You can choose any subject as long as it is not directly related to your current role. For example: art and design, cookery, counselling, creative writing, dance, design, gardening, guitar, health and social care, IT, music, part-time degrees, photography, languages, nail-art, sports coaching, swimming and yoga are just a sample of courses and classes that staff have recently enrolled on; the choices are endless and you can do more than one course:

  • funding is available for staff on grades 2-4
  • the learning must be in your own time
  • the learning must not be directly related to your current job
  • the learning must be offered by an educational provider or a charitable organisation as courses provided by private companies or individuals are not eligible for funding
  • the learning must be part-time and completed within the period of your contract.

How to claim your Learning for Life funding allowance:

Please ensure that you are entitled to Learning for Life funding, and that the course and provider you have chosen are eligible prior to enrolment. You will need to pay your course fees initially and then claim these back from your allowance. If your course or contract do not meet the criteria for funding, you will not be able to claim a reimbursement.

You do not need permission from your manager; just apply direct to us.

If you need help in finding a course, or you just want to find out if a course is eligible for funding, please contact Eileen Barrett (Learning for Life Adviser) on Mondays or Wednesdays at the LOGIK Centre Satellite, email: e.barrett@leeds.ac.uk or ring extension 34619).

All claims must be received by the end of June each year (subject to funding availability) as the new funding year starts in August. Claims can be submitted from 1st August each year.

There are two stages:

  • check that you are entitled to claim funding before you enrol on the course and submit your Learning for Life application form to Eileen either by email or at the address below
  • once your course has been approved, pay the course fees, keep a copy of the receipt and send it to Eileen with the completed bank details section on page two of the application form (if you have not already completed this).

If you have any queries, require further details about any aspect of the scheme, or need help in finding information about courses, please do not hesitate to contact Eileen (details below):

Eileen Barrett
Learning for Life
LOGIK Centre Satellite
EC Stoner, Level 10
Room 10.50

Tel: (0113 34) 34619 (Mondays and Wednesdays)
Email: loglearn@leeds.ac.uk or  e.barrett@leeds.ac.uk