LOGIK – Learning Opportunities for Gaining Information and Knowledge

LOGIK - Learning Opportunities for Gaining Information and Knowledge

The LOGIK Centre was originally established 15 years ago on 23rd June 2005 using funding from the Union Learning Fund (ULF). The ULF was set up in 1998 by the government and brokered by Trade Unions to increase access to learning and training for all categories of staff in workplaces.  

The University of Leeds, working in partnership with the Campus trade unions were happy to support the launch of this pioneering initiative and were one of the first universities in the country to set up a scheme like this. The direction the Vice Chancellor, at the time, wanted to take the university in needed a skilled workforce which was constantly learning and developing at all levels within the organisation. The LOGIK Centre is one of the few remaining sustainable learning centres within a workplace and is unique within the HE Sector. 

The LOGIK Centre’s purpose is to support the University’s ambition to engage all staff in the strategy and values of the University by encouraging them to embrace and enjoy learning. The functional areas we fall into are Human Resources and Organisational Development & Professional Learning and our main objective is to provide a good service to our customers by helping staff with their personal and professional development to produce world class staff at all levels within the organisation