Wellbeing Therapies

Wellbeing Therapy appointments are currently suspended – please sign up for our newsletter via email to hear about future availability. 

Wellbeing Therapy appointments are for members of University, Bright Beginnings and LUU staff only.

To book an appointment or to check the latest availability, please email the Staff Centre.

Full Body Massage: 60 minutes, £30 (choose between):

Aromatherapy Massage: Using Aromatherapy oils to enhance a deeply relaxing massage.
Deep Tissue Massage: A firmer massage to ease away knots and tensions.

Full Body massage: 90 Minutes, £45 – For those wanting to spend more time on a specific area.

1 hour Back Massage: 60 minutes, £30 -Beneficial For those that feel all the tension and knots in their back area. A specialised 1 hour treatment concentrating on the areas of concern.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage: 30 Minutes, £15 Deeply relaxing removing knots, tension and tightness.

Indian Head Massage: 30 Minutes (Seated) £15, 60 Minutes (laid down) £30 Massage working on upper back, shoulders, head and face. Good for stress, tension and headaches.

Reflexology: 30 minutes, £15 Working on the soles of the feet to re-balance and re-energies’ the body.

1hr Reflexology: 60 minutes, £30 For those that love reflexology but want a little bit more…. this treatment will concentrate more on your areas of concern and be tailored specifically to your needs

Hopi Ear Candles: 30 minutes, £20 The use of ear candles and massages to aid relaxation and rebalances the ear by drawing out impurities. Good for sinus, headaches, stress and tension.

Luxury Ear Candle Treatment: 60 minutes – £30 Hopi Ear candles followed by a relaxing shoulder, face and scalp massage to continue the benefits of the Hopi ear candle treatment.

Dermalogica Facial: 60 Minutes, £30: Using Dermalogica products suited to your skin type to rebalance and renew the skin as well as relaxing you and re-storing youthful radiance.

Face & Body Sensation: 60 Minutes, £30 Back massage to relieve stress tensions and ease aching muscles then a mini facial to restore youthful radiance.

Deep Back Detoxifying treatment: 30 Minutes, £15 Cleanse, exfoliate, mask, moisturise Deep Back Detoxifying treatment & Massage: 1 Hour, £60 cleanse, exfoliate, mask, moisturise, 30 minute hot oil back massage

Pedicure: 30 Minutes, £15 File, Cuticle work and polish

Luxury Pedicure: 60 minutes, £30 File, Cuticle work, soak, exfoliation, dead skin removal, foot and leg massage and polish
For all pedicure treatments please remove any existing polish before your appointment, allow drying time and bring a pair of flip flops

Pregnancy Wellbeing Therapies: All treatments are suitable for pregnancy as no toxic oils are used and can be adapted:-

Indian Head Massage (seated): 30 Minutes, £15 Relaxing and promotes sleep, soothes baby, excellent for soothing away aches and pains

100 Pillow Massage: 30 Minutes £15, 60 Minutes £30 The use of pillows to support and nurture the client. Specific oils are blended and used to ease away aches and pains as well as soothing baby. Back & Tummy: 30 Minutes Full Body (including tummy): 60 Minutes

Mummy to be Pamper Package: Includes 30 minute 100 pillow massage and 30 minute mini pedicure (can be swapped for 30 minute manicure or mini facial or these can be added for an extended treatment) 60 Minutes, £30 Extra Treatments £15 per 30 minutes

Heavenly Feet: 60 Minutes, £30 Ideal for tired, swollen achy legs/feet. Cooling gels and lotions are used to ease away aches and pains, revitalizing the area with pressure point massage and a mini pedicure.

Appointments are available throughout October.